Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Debby Painting

This is my friend Debby. She is working on an oil painting from yesterday's plein aire class. I'm not sure it's still considered plein aire if you spend more time in the studio than on site...

Greenhouse at the IMA

This is the latest painting done for Jerry's class, yesterday was finally a comfortable temperature in which to stand for 3 hours. I'm getting happier with my results. Either I've lowered my expectations, or I'm improving!

Bridge at the IMA

Started this painting last week in Jerry's class, but reworked it some this morning. Added more folliage at the top, and more color in general. I think I'll rework it again, darkening the flowers & shrub in the right foreground.

Pond Behind Butler

This was the first painting that I felt happy about using different colors than I actually saw. Who knew I'd like purple rocks?

Grounds at the IMA

If I had painted it, you could see the IMA just peeking out from behind the center tree. Chose not to, as I was working on trees and folliage.

Fountain at Butler

This was a difficult painting, as there is a lot more going on than I'm used to painting. It still feels a little stilted to me, could have been edited better, leaving out some of the concrete lot.

Bridge Over the Towpath

The next few paintings are ones that I have done in Jerry Point's plein aire painting class. I just reworked this one from last spring, it now has more color and depth, but could still use work.

Bob with the Remote

My husband is willing to sit still long enough to draw him in only one of two positions, this one, and sleeping.