Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mosaic Mirror

Been creating mosaics lately. Hoping to sell some at the upcoming Stutz Holiday Exhibition on Nov. 19th. There are 2 more blue tile mirrors similar to this one that can be hung together. Haven't done mosaics in almost a year, forgot how relaxing it can be!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

White Mums

Finally, a new painting! This is pastels, done from a still life I set up in the studio. I kinda like it, it feels happy! Last week I put down a deposit on a new studio space! Vicky and I are going to share a great spot on 3C at the Stutz. Since the classroom is closing, we're going to move Open Figure to our studio. This should be a fun and exciting new venture!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Creativity Cycle!

So long since my last blog...

Creating art is such a cycle, currently I'm in the phase where I try something different each day. Nothing is turning out very good, I'm throwing a lot in the trash. Yesterday I started something that MAY turn out good, a largish pastel and charcoal still life of mums in a pitcher. I quit when it seemed like each stroke I made on the paper was a mistake! The trick to starting this one was to think about it before I went in to my studio. I needed to bring something to do a still life of, so I spent a few moments in my garden. Also brought in some Christmas bulbs and strings of beads. Hopefully this will lead to Holiday Show items!

Speaking of the Holiday Show, AAggghhh! It's coming up fast, I'm in charge of it and don't know what I'll exhibit myself. Lots of preparation work to do yet, but have had some volunteers, so that takes some of the pressure off. Thank goodness there are FRESH artists as well as SEASONED ones willing to pitch in!

Admitedly this pastel painting has nothing to do with the rest of this posting, but is something I did a few weeks ago from a live model. Sometimes it's good to look back at what you've done in order to see where you're going!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Shades" has a new home!

I'm SO excited to announce that one of my latest pastel paintings has found a new home with Mike Perigo, whose wife Julie is also a Stutz artist. Mike and Julie were at the opening reception for "Voices, Women of a Certain Age", where Julie also has art exhibited. Shades State Park is a favorite spot of theirs, and Mike said he just had to have this. Lucky for me!