Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mineral Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

Finally back from 2 week road trip. We would choose the hottest area of the country to go to. Drove 3 days, through Arkansas, Texas, into New Mexico. Had planned to backpack in the Gila Wilderness, but temps over 100 each day discouraged us. Did get in some hiking early in the day. This is from a rest stop along Mineral Creek, where there is ruins from old gold mining sites. Just gorgeous!

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  1. Karen, you were smart not to overexert yourself. We just had a neighbor who got lost out in the wilderness on a day hike and spent 7 days in a Tucson hospital with dehydration. It happens fast around here!

    I hope you come back soon and enjoy the Gila - - it is stunning!

    Love your drawings!!

    Linda Ferrrara