Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've posted these two paintings to illistrate a point... The bottom piece was one I did about 5 years ago from a photo I took in the Florida Keys. It was one of my first painting efforts ever, done in acrylics. The top piece is an oil painting I did last week in our class, from a photo Jerry took in Hawaii. I think I've improved somewhat, and can attribute that to 2 things: first, taking some art classes, and second, doing lots of paintings!

There is simply no substitute for either of these methods to improve, as has often been pointed out to me, no one creates in a vacuum. To get better you MUST view others' art, get feedback, create together, THINK about how others do it. But even more important, you MUST draw, draw, draw, and paint, paint, paint.


  1. Karen...this turned out very nice. Good trees and I love the water in the pool. Yes there is a difference in the 2 works. Hard work has its benefits.

  2. Wow Karen, you are so right!!
    Great work!

  3. I agree Karen, not only must you consistantly work on your art but I also think it involves discovering what your artistic voice is and the medium that bests lets you speak.

  4. Great work Karen! You are doing Beautiful work!