Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Butler Pond, June 2010

Completed this 16x12 painting during my plein air class yesterday. One lesson learned is to make sure I'm comfortable, in the shade, or I get too flustered and frustrated. It takes a while to realize that my rising feeling of frustration comes from not being able to see my canvas when the sun moves over it. I'd like to try the water again in another painting. It was very green-brown, with really no blue sky reflections within my picture frame. Next time I'll try a different composition to include sky reflection, but this time I was focused on the tall pine tree that looked like it was dripping pine needles. I don't think I really captured its majesty, but the painting is pleasing overall, I think.


  1. Big improvement on brush work and greyed colors this week. Your devotion to painting is starting to give you good results.