Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charcoal Drawings

What an incredible month! My son was married to his lovely bride 2 weeks ago in my backyard. Last week I was elected president of the Stutz Artists Association, and now I am trying to get back into not only doing art, but posting it on my blog. I was feeling the need to go back to my origins as a drawer, so over the weekend I changed the art hanging on my studio walls. They are now covered with charcoal and pen and ink drawings, most are nudes done in Thursday's open studios. This picture is of a charcoal drawing that I did today. It was the first art I have done in a week, and felt really good to do something! I do enjoy a good drawing session! I tried adding a little color, not much, with pastel pencils. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Congratulations all round,Karen! So Ms. President what will your duties be?
    Your drawing looks great.
    I too have been busy this summer with growing and drying herbs, taking care of grandchildren, and finishing up craft projects that I started many moons ago. I hope to be posting soon as well.

  2. Always good to return to our roots now and then and feel grounded. The challenge when the time is ready is to carry this confidence into painting. No matter, good drawing speaks volumes. Great job