Monday, February 7, 2011

Pastel Landscape 4

Last week between blizzards I made my way to my studio at the Stutz to pick up some art supplies to take home. So while the nation was covered in snow and ice, I printed out some reference photos from vacations of the past. This is the result. A landscape from a forgotten spot, but I believe it would have to be at an Indiana State Park.


  1. I really like your color choices for this lovely spot. It looks very inviting.
    Great work, Great Art!


  2. Karen this is a very nice work as you have captured a sense of depth with your color choices. The use of the purples and blues enhance the greens and you have created the nice selection of greyed colors that ties it all together. Just enough information in the foreground and lack of definition in the background to really make this work.

  3. Karen, this is really beautiful....truly one of your best. Love it. -Shari