Saturday, August 6, 2011

Value study

I have a new iPhone and just added the bloggerplus app. Now able to post blogs from my phone, don't have to wait til I'm home at my desk top. This means more frequent blogs! Woo Hoo! just started this new figure painting, now waiting on the first layer to dry... getting ready for two shows at the Stutz, October and November. More to come!


  1. Hi Karen! I don't know whether you want this advise. I like this version better. You got a good likeness and I like how it's not smooth. When you choose colors, you choose beautiful combinations...but this captures the light maybe not the color. terminology is lacking. This has more dimension. The other is beautiful in color but a tad more flat as far as seeing the figure. I don't want to give you advise that you'd rather not let me know if this wasn't helpful. Vandra's teaching is awesome. :)

  2. Hi Waverly! Thanks for the comment. Actually, I agree with you. Unfortunately, I lost the gestural quality, so will probably have to start over. I'll let you know what happens!